Data Storage, the Risk of Not Using Encryption

Data storage security is a constant concern, especially when it comes to corporate information.

The cybersecurity sector is responsible for deciding on the procedures needed to protect your company’s data.

In addition, together with the IT department, security personnel have the difficult task of choosing the best method of storing corporate data.

This task becomes especially complicated due to the vulnerabilities that each method presents, as well as the efforts required to adapt all internal processes.

Data Storage is Impacted by Information Theft and Leakage

According to the Breach Level Index website, more than 7 billion pieces of data have been stolen or lost around the world since 2013. The number is frightening and growing at a considerable rate. If we take a daily average into account, that figure is over 4 million.

In other words, more than 3,000 pieces of data are stolen or lost every minute. According to the website, the technology industry is the most affected, accounting for 35.19% of all this information.

Which explains the sector’s concern about safety.

To protect data storage, it is common to use various security mechanisms. One of them is the use of encryption.

In addition, some protection strategies can be defined. The most common is the protection of personal or business-sensitive data, such as credit card numbers.

When it comes to protecting the storage of sensitive data, current techniques have little effect on application performance and are almost imperceptible to the user.

Another question that often comes up when we talk about data storage and encryption is where the key will be stored.

For this, the use of HSM is of great importance, especially with the growing use of server virtualization and cloud storage, among other issues.


Encryption is certainly the most efficient way for companies to protect data storage, regardless of the protection strategy used.

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