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Encryption and Cryptography: 10 posts you need to read


The concepts behind the emergence of cryptography are quite simple. However, knowing how to take advantage of the benefits of this technology and avoiding pitfalls in the management of your business are other issues.

Cryptography is an evolution and an alternative to techniques and methods against cyber attacks and data theft. It continues to evolve alongside technological advances. After all, new solutions are emerging and more companies are turning to encryption to guarantee privacy and protection.

Not so long ago, the industry defined cryptography as the method by which a plain text, or any other type of data, is converted from a readable format into an encoded version that can only be decoded by another entity that has access to a decryption key.

This definition has expanded and changed in recent years, as companies like Eval have entered the market with products that offer advances in encryption and practical solutions.

Thus, the innovation went beyond the main objectives of encryption. Since it currently has several benefits. These include, for example: reducing costs, increasing productivity and strategic management for different types of companies, regardless of size or segment.

Eval’s blog articles present a series of concepts and practices that readers can use at various stages of the acquisition, deployment and management cycle. That way, we can help them make the most of the benefits of encryption.

Implement digital signatures, adopt a document management-centric approach or invest in policies. There is information here that will certainly help your company in its quest for effective data protection.

Data protection as a priority

Before we even start our list, it’s important to highlight the consequences of a lack of investment in security and privacy. That’s why we’re going to show you the problems caused by a lack of data protection in your organization.

In this article, as well as understanding the importance of data protection through our list of publications, you can get an idea of the risks we are currently experiencing.

The fact is that data protection has become a concern for institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the government itself and other organizations that have information security as a priority.

Now, let’s get to our list!

The basis for understanding the importance of cryptography

Basically, we’ll divide our list into two parts. The first of these serves to provide a foundation and teach good practices related to encryption and cryptographic key management.

1. About cryptography and key management

In the article Data encryption and key management, we covered aspects relevant to information security related to encryption.

The aim was to present the basics of cryptographic technology, cryptographic services and, finally, cryptographic key management.

We also show the importance of correctly managing cryptographic keys for programming cryptographic services.

2. Why manage cryptographic keys?

After all, why should you manage cryptographic keys? In this article, we show you that management means protecting against loss, theft, corruption and unauthorized access.

Therefore, data protection is not just about adopting encryption in business processes, management and sharing. After all, you need to efficiently manage all the elements related to the use of technology.

3. What if the encryption keys are still lost?

For those who haven’t been convinced of the importance of managing cryptographic keys, or haven’t understood the problem of mismanagement, the article The truth no one ever told you about key loss shows the consequences.

4. The search for the best way to protect data

So far, you’ve seen the concepts, the benefits of adopting cryptography in business and the impacts of managing cryptographic keys.

In the article ” Is native encryption the best way to protect data?”, we showed that Enterprise Key Management (EKM) solutions in companies have become essential to comply with existing market regulations.

This type of solution also provides access to other important data protection benefits for any organization.

5. Important facts about cryptography

To close the first part of our list, we have the article What you didn’t know about encryption software. He clarifies doubts and shows important points about this subject, which companies and professionals are often unaware of.

Therefore, we conclude this stage by pointing out issues that cannot be ignored in a technology adoption process.

Encryption in practice

There’s no point in theory without practice, is there?

These success stories demonstrate that the use of cryptography is one of the main ways to guarantee information security and data protection.

So let’s begin the second stage of our list of articles on encryption.

6. Where encryption applies

In the article Places where you use cryptography and don’t even know it, we show everyday situations where technology is applied and often we don’t even know it.

An interesting piece of content that shows how technology is successfully applied, guaranteeing privacy and data protection.

7. The famous relationship between cryptography and the financial market

Cryptography has become well known through its applicability in the financial market.

That’s why it’s only fair that our first success story is featured in the article How does crypto benefit the financial market?

8. Encryption goes through our credit card

One of the most critical points when it comes to data theft is the misuse of credit cards and other forms of payment that are part of our daily lives.

By the end of the article Encryption for financial records and payment data, the reader will understand why this technology has become so vital for our financial transactions and personal information.

9. Yes, encryption is also in communication

This is yet another case that shows that technology is in our daily lives and we don’t even realize it.

In the article Encryption for communication applications: learn more, the reader will realize that privacy and data protection go through our main channels of conversation.

The main messaging apps have already adopted this technology as their main data security tool.

10. Our information is kept confidential through the use of encryption

To conclude our list of articles, the content Secrecy and origin verification using asymmetric cryptography shows the case of applying this technique to find out where a message came from.

Despite being conceptual, the article makes an analogy with a real situation: the importance of the confidentiality of the information we share on a daily basis.

What did you think of our list? Did it help you understand the concepts and importance of encryption in your professional and personal life? Keep following our blog to find out more about E-VAL’s technology and news.

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