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Electronic signature on prescription: is it true?

With the advancement of technology, many physicians are now opting to use electronic signatures. electronic on the prescription instead of handwritten signatures. This helps speed up patient care and makes healthcare procedures more efficient.

However, there have been cases where patients have received prescriptions with fake digital signatures. This often puts not only the patient’s health at risk, but also casts doubt on the benefits of using the subscription electronic on prescription.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In addition to explaining the importance of using digital signatures on medical prescriptions, we will present some tips on how to check if an electronic signature is valid. electronic is valid or not.

The importance of electronic signature on prescription

In a world where we increasingly conduct our lives online, it makes sense that aspects of our routines are also digitized.

We use digital devices to communicate, work and even play. It’s no surprise then that the healthcare sector has also embraced the technology. One way to do this is through the use of digital prescriptions.

The benefits of having an electronic in the prescription are numerous. Firstly, the medical prescription becomes more secure than the paper version.

With a physical version it is easy to forge a doctor’s signature. However, with a signature electronic in revenue, this becomes much more difficult to happen.

In addition, the electronic of the signature helps speed up the process of obtaining or retrieving a prescription.

Instead of another visit to the doctor’s office if it is lost or forgotten, or waiting for it to be sent by email or post, a pharmacy can simply access the prescription online.

It is also worth noting that the electronic on prescriptions can also help reduce the number of medical errors.

As a result, the electronic is an important tool that can improve the safety and efficiency of the healthcare system, as well as the potential to save time and money.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of e-signatures on prescriptions

With the increasing use of prescriptions in digital format, it is natural that there is a debate or even distrust about this new method of prescription.

An electronic on the prescription, where the security prerequisites are properly met, gives the patient a very strong reason to believe that the prescription was created by a known sender and that it has not been altered in transit.

The main features of a secure digital prescription are as follows:

1. The prescription with an signature is an electronic document containing an image of the doctor’s signature.

This signature image is created using a process called encryption, a process that transforms data into a format that can only be read by authorized persons.

2. The prescription with an electronic is valid throughout Brazil. It has the same legal value as a traditional medical prescription, signed on paper.

In addition, the prescription cannot be changed without a record of that change.

3. The prescription with an electronic is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. After this period, it will cease to exist and cannot be used to obtain medicines.

In many countries, including Brazil, an electronic signature electronic is legally binding and has the same effect as a handwritten version. The use of digital signatures on medical prescriptions is an important step towards ensuring patient safety.

By requiring prescriptions to be electronically signed, we can be sure that they have not been tampered with and are from a legitimate source. This will help ensure that patients receive the correct medication and dosage and will also help protect them from fraudulent activity.

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How do I know if a prescription with an electronic signature is genuine?

The prescription with an electronic can be verified in several ways.

  • One of the ways is to check if the certificate of the doctor who is signing the prescription is valid and if it is registered with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM).
  • Another way to verify the authenticity of the prescription is to check if the doctor’s CRM number is present on the prescription.
  • You can also contact your doctor to confirm that he or she has actually issued the prescription.
  • In addition, it is essential to check that the data on the prescription, such as the patient’s name and address, are correct.
  • If there is any doubt, you can also ask the pharmacist to confirm the authenticity of the prescription.

One of the ways to verify the signature on the prescription is through
the official Digital Document Validator website
, created by the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI). It offers free access to health professionals.

To do this, you must have the digital prescription file in PDF format that can be sent to the pharmacy by cell phone message, email or other electronic means. Then simply upload the file to the website.

In this way, you can be sure that the prescription is genuine and that the medicine prescribed by the doctor can be obtained at the pharmacy.

Madics Sign: Integrated electronic signature and digital prescription system for health management

The Madics Sign solution, integrated with the use of a digital certificate, allows the application of electronic signatures in health management systems, in the digitization of documents and in the digital prescription of medicines.

Eval Madics Sign is the application set up to use the free CFM digital certificate. In addition, it supports systems such as: MV, TASY, MEMED, NEXODATA and all relevant integrations.

Madics Sign¸ the ideal solution for managing digital medical records. It combines advanced and qualified electronic signatures, to be used according to the hospital’s needs.

Compatible with certificates from any ICP-Brasil certificate authority (CA), it is a versatile and transparent system for medical records and operation.

With it, the hospital will eliminate the expense of paper records.

The MADICS Sign solution offers the necessary resources to adopt the model in compliance with resolution 2299 from its APIs for generating qualified and also advanced electronic signatures, using ICP-Brasil certificates, which allows managing and authorizing all electronic signature keys and certificates in the market in order to serve multiple Certifying Authorities.

Offered by Eval, MADICS Sign is an electronic signature solution integrated with the electronic patient record (EPR) that helps healthcare organizations eliminate paper in their medical processes and in the use of digital prescriptions and medical certificates.

MADICS Sign is the easiest way to eliminate paper from the hospital, improving collaboration between the doctors, nurses and multi staff, creating an amazing experience.

Considered the most suitable solution for eliminating the printed medical record, MADICS Sign is supported by current legislation on the legal validity of digitally signed electronic documents and the resolutions regulating the Brazilian digital certification infrastructure and the use of digital certificates in the Health sector.

The solution enables user authentication integrated with the medical record system. The hospital or its representative digitally seals the medical record and the authentication record of the healthcare professional, ensuring the unalterability of the medical record and authentication, generating a third-party verifiable evidence.

In addition, MADICS Sign is a hybrid system that maintains the ICP-Brasil digital signature, transparent to the medical record system and operation. The hospital can keep part of the users digitally signed according to its evaluation.

How much time is your staff wasting handling paper documents? For many hospitals, the answer is: “We don’t know”..

While there has been a shift in recent years towards digitization of healthcare processes, such as the use of simple online intake forms or the implementation of systems like the electronic patient record (EPR), many practices still struggle with paper-based workflows.

This can include paper documentation being physically passed between team members, or even non-automated software solutions such as sending an Excel file by email, for example.

Many of these processes can (and should) be digitized and automated, if not for the sake of convenience, but for another important reason: cost.

Paper-based workflow systems can cost your clinic thousands of dollars annually, without you even knowing it.

In the US, for example, the use of paper forms costs $120 billion a year.

For clinics, most paper waste comes from patient files, admission forms and other paper processes related to patient care as well as administrative work.

While in practice the PEP has mitigated some paper waste in clinics, this has simply not been enough. In fact, demand for paper is expected to double before 2030.

Deliver exceptional signing experiences and streamline medical record signing with MADICS Sign. It is the easiest way to automate WBS workflows. Use MADICS Sign and eliminate a good amount of paper and headache.

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