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Cryptography in practice: Places where you use it and don’t even know it

If you think that cryptography in practice is only for large companies in the financial sector, you’re wrong.

In fact, data protection is more important than we realize, it is often right in front of us and we don’t even notice. The tendency is that it really does go unnoticed, thus ensuring its efficiency.

Here are everyday examples that bring cryptography closer to people without them realizing it:

Cryptography in practice: it’s where you don’t think it is

Internet Banking

Online payments and remote financial transactions are already a reality in the daily life of thousands of Brazilians. However, many of them do not even realize that they are benefiting from the encryption in these services.

The ease that Internet banking systems bring to users is made possible by the security system that banks adopt to protect their data.

Thus, all transactions are protected by encryption in practice, guaranteeing the security of user data.


The use of applications on mobile devices is becoming more and more common. There are many possibilities, and one of the users’ favorites is to exchange quick messages.

The most used messaging application in Brazil is WhatsApp, which is currently owned by Facebook. The functions within the app are diverse and allow among other things the exchange of photos, videos, and voice messages, for example.

Everything happens quickly and simply, and so the volume of messages is increasing.

In order to ensure that the content of messages exchanged by WhatsApp is not intercepted, the app uses a security technology that they themselves call end-to-end encryption.

Privacy has become a paramount factor for the app’s users who learned of the encryption protection through a notice issued by the app.


iPhone is an example of encryption in practice

Keeping private data safe is a reality in many areas, and on portable devices this is also the case with encryption in practice, but few users are aware of this.

Smartphones from the manufacturer Apple are known, among other things, for offering good security to their users. This is undoubtedly one of the attractions for the brand’s legion of fans.

The fact is that when needed, the iPhone’s encryption has proven to be resilient. As in the case where the FBI needed to breach the security of a device belonging to a suspected terrorist.

The repercussion was great. O FBI asked for Apple’s help to break iPhone encryption. Apple in turn went to court to ensure that it did not participate in the breach, as this would bring a risk to the company, if it helps break one customer’s encryption, why not everyone’s?

Social Networks

Social networks have their own security policies to ensure the integrity of their users’ data. When you decide to join a social network you need to agree to its privacy terms.

Therefore, the responsibility for the content posted is yours. In addition, understanding this privacy policy gives the user an awareness of what is and is not recommended to be shared there.

In order to access a social network the user needs a permission key, created with the system in advance. Your password allows you to interact with other users, exchange messages and view internal content.

To guarantee security, encryption in practice is applied from the communication channel to some user information that is stored.

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