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Cloud Computing: curiosities you still need to know

Talking about cloud computing is nothing new, after all cloud adoption is growing rapidly and new services emerge daily. Faced with the advantages of using this technology, IT professionals and regular users alike have chosen this alternative. In this way cloud computing has become so popular that the subject has become commonplace and the practice is part of everyone’s routine.

But do we know everything about cloud computing? Here are some things you need to know about cloud computing in order to help your organization reap the benefits of this technology. And if you are a regular user, also keep an eye out, thus making your digital day-to-day more informed and secure.

You cannot guarantee where your data is stored

Although you can choose the company that stores your data, you have no guarantee where your data will be hosted. An especially problematic situation is if the company has any data protection requirements. This does not reduce the security of the service, it just makes you aware of the cloud conditions.

In the coming years, cloud services will generate more profits

By 2020, cloud computing is expected to be worth more than $270 billion annually. This is larger than the current GDP of countries like Chile, Portugal, Finland and many others. By 2022, Amazon alone will account for $43 billion in revenue.

Yes, cloud offers more security

In a survey conducted by Microsoft, 62% of users pointed to significant improvements in data security. This type of computing relies on various high-security encryption software to prevent virus contamination, intrusions, or information theft. Furthermore, 94% of the managers surveyed pointed to security as the main reason for investing in cloud. This is due to several factors, among which we highlight:

  1. Highly qualified professionals who take care of the infrastructure.
  2. Infrastructure already designed with security concepts.
Cloud Computing: curiosities you still need to know

80% of companies that adopt cloud see improvements within their IT departments within six months

These improvements were generally in aspects related to efficiency, quality, and safety. In addition, moving to the cloud has helped these companies save money and reduce costs. This decision also brought another benefit, which is to use the team more efficiently. After adopting the cloud, more than 90 percent of IT decision makers saw marked improvements in at least one area of the IT department.

Cloud computing can have different functions for different businesses and interests. So the big point about cloud computing is that the services can help companies be more responsive to market conditions, as well as reduce or optimize IT costs.

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