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Data Protection

Data breach protection: Cybersecurity is not the focus

According to a recent study by Tanium, an American cybersecurity and systems management company, 79% of companies only invest in cybersecurity after a data breach. Which shows that data breach protection is not a priority for many businesses.

This is a worrying statistic, as it leaves companies vulnerable to attack and can cost millions of dollars.

However, there are things that organizations can do to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to companies’ corporate systems.

Data breach protection: why should prevention be a priority in your company?

Data breaches are an increasingly common threat to businesses. With the increasing amount of information stored on corporate systems, cybercriminals have an even greater interest in carrying out attacks.

The consequences of a data breach can be severe. Digital criminals can steal confidential information or damage a company’s reputation.

Therefore, it is critical that data breach protection is a priority for your company.

Also according to the Tanium study, 92% of companies have suffered an attack or data breach, 73% in the last year alone.

The survey shows that criminal cyber activity continues to grow: 92% of respondents admitted to having suffered an attack or data breach, with almost three-quarters (73%) having done so during the past year.

In fact, the situation is getting worse for businesses, with more than two-thirds of respondents (69%) admitting that threats are on the rise and the expectation for 2022 is that there will be the highest number of attacks ever.

Investment in cybersecurity: The best way to avoid a data breach

The best way to ensure protection against data breaches is to take preventive measures. Companies should invest in cybersecurity to strengthen their defenses against attacks.

There are several things that companies can do to protect their data and reduce the chances of a data breach:

Implement data breach protection measures for cyber security

Companies must implement data breach protection measures for their systems and data. These measures include using firewalls, encrypting data, and managing access to systems.

Companies should train their employees on the cybersecurity measures that should be adopted. Employees who are aware of the importance of cybersecurity are less likely to make mistakes that could compromise the security of company data.

Create a business continuity plan

Companies should also have a business continuity plan to ensure that business can continue after a data breach. The plan should include measures to restore lost data and ensure that employees can continue their work without problems.

In addition to the business continuity plan, companies should have a plan for communicating the data breach to customers and other stakeholders. This plan should include a protocol for notifying affected people, as well as a strategy for dealing with the media.

Keep the systems up to date with the latest software versions

This will allow you to benefit from the latest bug fixes and security updates, and make it harder for cybercriminals to exploit old vulnerabilities. Software updates usually include new and better features that make your systems more efficient.

Create a backup strategy to prevent data breaches

Backups are extremely important to recover lost data in the event of a data breach. Having regular backups will allow you to quickly get back to normal after an attack, without compromising business continuity.

Make sure that your backups are protected against unauthorized access and encrypted to prevent attackers from reading them.

Implement encryption solutions

This prevents hackers from accessing or changing your data, even if they manage to obtain it. Encryption is particularly useful for protecting sensitive information such as credit card numbers or financial details.

Encryption is useful for protecting backups and files in transit, such as e-mails. Make sure that all your communication tools are encrypted, including your e-mail server, instant messaging application, and VoIP tools.

Monitor network traffic to detect a data breach

This will allow you to detect suspicious activity on your network and take steps to correct it before it turns into a data breach. Monitoring network traffic can help identify weak points in your system that need to be fixed.

The Future of Data Security

Although cyber threats continue to evolve, companies are becoming more aware of the risks involved and are making investments in cyber security.

The survey showed that 79% of companies have already been a victim of a data breach and that they are willing to invest more in security to prevent future attacks.

Companies are also becoming more aware of the importance of training their employees on cybersecurity risks and how to avoid them.

Data security is a complex issue, but it is important that companies are aware of the risks involved and are willing to invest the time and money necessary to protect their systems.

CipherTrust: Your company’s cybersecurity against data breaches in real time and with secure encryption

is the ideal solution against ransomware attacks. In a simple, comprehensive and effective way, the solution
provides capabilities to secure and control access to databases, files, and containers – and can protect assets located in cloud, virtual, big data, and physical environments.

With CipherTrust, you can protect your company’s data and anonymize your sensitive assets, ensuring security for your company and avoiding future problems with data leakage.

To handle the complexity of where data is stored, CipherTrust Data Security Platform provides strong capabilities to protect and control access to sensitive data in databases, files, and containers. Specific technologies include:

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption

Encrypt data in on-premises, cloud, database, file, and Big Data environments with comprehensive access controls and detailed data access audit logging that can prevent the most malicious attacks.

CipherTrust Database Protection

It provides transparent column-level encryption of structured and confidential data that resides in databases such as credit card, social security numbers, national identification numbers, passwords, and e-mail addresses.

CipherTrust Application Data Protection

It offers APIs for developers to quickly add encryption and other cryptographic functions to their applications, while SecOps controls the encryption keys.

CipherTrust Tokenization

It offers application-level data tokenization services in two convenient solutions that provide customer flexibility – Token without Vault with dynamic policy-based data masking and Tokenization in Vault.

CipherTrust Batch Data Transformation

Provides static data masking services to remove sensitive information from production databases so that compliance and security issues are alleviated when sharing a database with a third party for analysis, testing, or other processing.

CipherTrust Manager

It centralizes keys, management policies, and data access for all CipherTrust Data Security Platform products and is available in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant physical and virtual formats.

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

It offers its own key lifecycle management (BYOK) for many cloud infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service providers.

CipherTrust KMIP Server

It centralizes key management for the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) commonly used in storage solutions.

CipherTrust TDE Key Manager

Centralizes key management for encryption found in Oracle, SQL and Always Encrypted SQL.

The portfolio of data protection products that make up the CipherTrust Data Security Platform solution enables companies to protect data at rest and in motion across the entire IT ecosystem and ensures that the keys to this information are always protected and only under your control.

It simplifies data security, improves operational efficiency, and accelerates compliance time. Regardless of where your data resides.

The CipherTrust platform ensures that your data is secure, with a wide range of proven, industry-leading products and solutions for deployment in data centers, either those managed by cloud service providers (CSPs) or managed service providers (MSPs), or as a cloud-based service managed by Thales, a leading security company.

Portfolio of tools that ensure data protection against data breaches

With data protection products from the CipherTrust Data Security Platform, your company can:

Strengthen security and compliance

In addition to ensuring investment in cybersecurity, CipherTrust data protection products and solutions address the demands of a range of security and privacy requirements, including electronic identification, authentication, and trust, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Law (LGPD)among other compliance requirements.

Optimizes team and resource efficiency in fighting data breaches

CipherTrust Data Security Platform offers the broadest support for data security use cases in the industry, with products designed to work together, a single line for global support, a proven track record of protecting against evolving threats, and the industry’s largest ecosystem of data security partnerships.

With a focus on ease of use, APIs for automation and responsive management, the CipherTrust Data Security Platform solution ensures your investment in cybersecurity by enabling your teams to quickly implement, secure and monitor the protection of your business.

In addition, professional services and partners are available for design, implementation, and training assistance to ensure fast and reliable implementations with minimal staff time.

Reduces total cost of ownership

CipherTrust Data Security Platform’s data protection portfolio offers a broad set of data security products and solutions that can be easily scaled, expanded for new use cases, and have a proven track record of protecting new and traditional technologies.

With CipherTrust Data Security Platform, companies can prepare their cybersecurity investment for the future while reducing operational costs and capital expenditures.

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